aarakshan a great movie

AArakshan a great movie in the history of hindi film industry.This movie takes the main concept of the reservation which is in the field of the education,govt office,and in every where.Here in this movie we have 2 views,if we see in one view this film makes us to accept the reservation given to the backward classes.Because for every one in India there is a need of the education and at any cast they need to claim there needs.And there should be no discrimination in giving what they need.But another side of a coin gives us another view of the reservation.If a student who get 75% failed to get an govt seat and an backward community student with only 45% can get the seat and together most of the scholarships and services provided by the govt.By seeing this it questions the Indian education system that is there a meaning or the respect for the effort and the knowledge of of a student who got 75%.And the reservation which is given to backward community is for just giving a support to there weakness of them but now a days this reservation has being miss used by them and the real meaning of the reservation is itself spoiling by those communities.The upper class peoples are not dead against the reservation but they are against the miss use of the reservation."In this movie gives a good message that 0 is not just a zero its an start of the new revolution".The character Prabhakar(Amitab bachan) shows the world that how achieve our goal from the zero Deepika padukon,saif ali khan all of the actors tried there best to there job and all of them succeeded in there job.And the way Prakash Jha scripted the social issue is just brilliant.And the states Madhaya Pradesh, Uttar pradesh,punjab which are banned this movie certainly loose a very very good movie and a very good message Really Amitab rocks again  


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