Rang de basanthi hey rang de basanthi

The above words said by Kranthikari Bhagath singh.Means color me with the saffron. The saffron is the symbol of the sacrifise.And Bhagath singh want to sacrifice his life to the welfare of the future India. What a great youth we remember him till the earths doomsday.And frnds I need to ask you all a question that did anybody have half percent of the Bhagath singhs love towards India just ask your heart.No we don't is it.We are not bother about the struggle of the freedom fighters who sacrifice there future to our bright futures, we are not bother about the struggle of our army soldiers who fought for each bit land of the India, we are not bother about the soldiers died in the kargil war,we the hell r just bothering about our family,our salary,our respect.Today also those brave soldiers are just doing there duties in below 5 degree Celsius temperature.We just think about the job in the abroad working for the bledy MNC's and getting the handfull of the salary.Yes frnds now is the time for the revolution in Indian history do what the best you can do for India.if you are an engineer then help the India to get its best in the field of the technical.If you are an Govt official do the best service to the indian citizens without corruption. And Frnds this is the 65th independence day we are celebrating and we just have the corruption at his height how funny is it frnds think if you cant you cant if you can you can.And try to react to the sorrows of your neighbor a little just a little any way frnds this blog is just for thinking at what stage we are and anyway HAPPY INDEPENDENCE day frnds Let us  hope for the best


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